Material Test System ModuLab (MTS)

Modular and Plug & Play material test station


The ModuLab XM MTS is the only instrument combining Frequency Tests (C-V, Mott-Schottky, impedance, permittivity) and temporal (I-V, pulse, ramp).


  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Combines temporal and frequency measurements
  • Software Included: Modulab MTS
  • Many accessories: External booster, cryostat, sample holder

Designed by Solartron Analytical, the Modulab XM MTS is the ultimate instrument for the characterization of materials (ceramics, nanomaterials, solar cells, dielectrics …). It is the only instrument to combine DC (I-V, pulse, ramp) and AC (C-V, Mott-Schottky, impedance, permittivity) measurements.

To adapt perfectly to your needs, the Modulab MTS has been built around different modules (high voltage 100V and 30V, EIS, low current measurement, current booster …) associated with the most efficient acquisition and processing system on the Market (MAT core).

Applications Modulab MTS

It comes with specific ModuLab MTS software running Windows using an Ethernet connection.


  • Maximum voltage 8V (wihout HV module), 30V (with HV30), 100V (with HV100)
  • Maximum current +/-100mA (without booster module), 2A (with booster module)
  • Frequencies response analyseur module 1Mhz
  • Current resolution 1,5pA (0,15fA with module femto ameter)
  • Sampling at 1µs

Product applications

  • Electrochemistry Research
  • Solar cells
  • Semiconductors
  • ceramic
  • Polymers