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AMETEK ORTEC is the result of the sale of the EG & G ORTEC division to AMETEK. ORTEC is the precursor and leader of nuclear measurement; designer of the first detectors Si(Li) and then HPGe, the company also had the initiative of the first NIM modules.

ORTEC now offers all the elements of implementation for alpha and gamma spectrometers (detectors, electronics, software).

ORTEC is also very present in the nuclear safety with portable gamma and neutron spectrometers for the detection of explosives or chemical gases.

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FLIR Detection

FLIR’s detection division offers portable solutions adapted to difficult environments for the detection and identification of chemical and radiological threats.

FLIR Detection


ARKTIS is a Swiss-based company created by former CERN researchers who wanted to introduce new Helium 4 neutron detectors. The company has developed several detection systems for gamma radiation and neutrons applied to nuclear safety (radioprotection vehicle, radioprotection gantry). ARKTIS solutions are characterized by the addition of new technologies (He4 neutron detectors, gamma Helium detectors and Xenon detectors) which greatly reduces the cost of investments and the use of radar protection systems. 

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