7280 Lock-in Amplifier

Dual Phase, Wide Bandwidth


The reference lock-in amplifier for high frequencies.

Supplier: Signal Recovery


  • Double harmonic, double reference and tandem demodulation mode, input spectrum display
  • Fast Data Processing
  • Reel front panel & Labview Drivers

With a sampling of your signal at 7.5Mhz, synchronous detection 7280 allows you to demodulate your signal with equal characteristics of 0.5hz to 2MHZ. Its exceptionally low time constants up to 1μs will allow you to make your measurements very quickly making the 7280 particularly suitable for microscopy experiments.


  • Frequency range from 0,5Hz to 2Mhz
  • Sensitivity 2nV/2fA
  • 2 Fast DAC 1Mhz
  • Dynamic reseve 100dB
  • GPIB, RS232

Product applications

  • Scanned probe microscopy
  • Optical mesurments
  • Audio studies
  • Impedance mesurements
  • Atomic force microscopie