MDS Manual Multi-Detector Alpha-Beta Counter

The lowest noise counter on the market


With the MDS multi-detector meter, access the most sensitive count on the market thanks to the complete independence of its detectors and reduce your costs by sharing non-strategic elements.


  • From 4 to 48 counting channels with shielding (4cm) and anti-cosmic
  • Independent detectors (zero crosstalk)
  • Mode: alpha alone or alpha + beta
  • Independent monitoring of the gas flow P10 with Gas-Pro @

The MDS Multi-Detector α-β counter is a modular instrument designed around the MPC-9604 detector (pulse gas scintillation type) module where each detector is independent!

 The MCP-9604 has been designed to minimize the noise base and allow very high sensitivity counting – it is associated with an anti-cosmic detector, each chamber has it’s own shielding, the independent power supply of each chamber is linear.

MDS systems differentiate themselves from multi-detectors meters by the lowest noise on the market and the independence of each detector (independence of programming and service).

The MDS counter exists in several versions:

MDS 4: 4 detector chambers and 4 detectors (1 MPC 9604)

MDS 8: 8 detector chambers and 8 detectors (2 MPC 9604)

MDS 12: 12 detector chambers and 12 detectors (3 MPC 9604)

MDS 16: 16 detector chambers and 16 detectors (4 MPC 9604)


  • Typical noise α: 0.03 to 0.07cpm
  • Typical β noise: 0.4 to 0.7 cpm
  • Planchets per detector: 1 / 8inch (19,2mm) - 1 / 4inch (63,5mm) - 5 / 16inch (0,8mm)
  • Gas flow: 10 to 15psi
  • VISA 2000 software with database

Product applications

  • Environmental Laboratories
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Nuclear Industry