new barriers - Anti ram raids ! Pitagone F-18

02 June 2019 ─  /  Security  by Camille Bertrand

Thanks to its formidable points which are planted in the sills, the PITAGONE F-18 modular barrier makes it possible to stop a 7.5 tonne truck launched at 48 km / h or a 12 tonne truck launched at 42 km / h. With compact elements, easy storage and transport, its assembly and implementation take only 1 minute and require no particular tool.


It also has a long service life and requires minimal maintenance. The F18 anti-ram barriers have many advantageous features:


  • Unique and mobile solution against rams trucks
  • Barrier fully portable and movable in seconds
  • Stop vehicles, even in hostile situations
  • Ultra fast assembly, requires no tools
  • Easy storage and transportation, rack included
  • World’s only IWA14 and PAS 68 certified double-edged barrier


Designed to protect crowds from ram vehicles when people gather, they provide secure protection for securing events as part of anti-terror measures.



A storage rack is also available to save time in operational productivity, reduce the cost of transportation and prevent theft, breakage and loss.


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