Pharma : new dissolution unit for GSK Kenya

16 October 2019 ─  /  Analytical Sciences  by Ahmed Farhat

HTDS Kenya has just installed a complete dissolution unit on behalf of GSK Kenya.

The internationally recognized GSK pharmaceutical company’s mission is to improve the quality of life so that every human being is more active, feels better and lives longer. As part of a strong partnership between Sotax, a long-standing partner of HTDS, and GSK, HTDS has successfully installed, qualified and trained the GSK / Nairobi quality control laboratory on a dissolution bath ON / OFF line with a UV7 spectrometer from Mettler Toledo. The entire system sold by HTDS allows automatic sampling in dissolving bowls for direct measurement or for sampling in anticipation of subsequent HPLC measurement, for example.

Filtration, Piston Pump , collector, and / or online measurements are the key steps in automating sample dissolution to meet GSK requirements in terms of the number of tests performed per day.

We would like to thank GSK Kenya for its welcome.

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