Multi-element chemical composition analysis in seconds


With up to 28 elements measured simultaneously in concentration ranges from ppm to 100%, the PANalytical Axios FAST simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer is the ideal solution. Accurate and robust analysis, ease of operation by less-experienced staff and high uptime go hand in hand with a low cost of ownership.

Supplier: Panalytical


  • 168 position VRC sample changer, with flexible tray loading for unattended batch analysis
  • Continuous loading via turret mechanism
  • Direct loading
  • Sample barcode reader for fast, error-free sample loading and data entry

With analysis results being available in just a few seconds, the Axios FAST elemental analyzer is the ideal tool for time-critical applications and high sample throughput analysis environments. Main application areas include steel and metals alloy production as well as geological or commercial laboratories where hundreds of samples need to be analyzed every day.


  • SST-mAX (160 mA) tube
  • ZETA technology
  • Iso-Watt switching
  • Dust removal device

Product applications

  • Wide-range calibration for titanium alloys
  • Wide-range calibration for low-alloy, ferritic and austenitic steels
  • Wide-range calibration for aluminum alloys