HyperFlux PRO Plus Raman Analyzer


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Higher Raman Sensitivity Than Ever Before Possible

Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus is a complete Raman spectroscopy system including a proprietary HTVS™ -enabled spectrometer, a high-quality stabilized laser, multiple laser safety interlocks, temperature monitoring and dynamic re-calibration, and automated system health monitoring and fault detection.


  • Raman measuring principle
  • Embedded 785 nm laser
  • Raman spectral range covers 99% of industrial chemicals
  • Dual fiber optic connectors for remote measurements up to 100 meters away
  • More accurate identification and quantification for challenging mixtures and low concentration levels
  • Faster measurements of dynamic reactions
  • Lower laser power operation (especially in hazardous environments)
  • Small footprint, lightweight and portable