HTDS helps Kenya with its war on counterfeit medicine

25 April 2019 ─  /  Analytical Sciences  by

The counterfeit drug industry leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths every year mostly in developing countries but also in developed countries. At the end of last year, in Kenya, the national drug control laboratory (SBP) started hunting for a solution and made a deal to acquire two TruScan GP units with HTDS. With counterfeit and substandard medicines being a problem that must be controlled in Kenya, the portable solution which can be used in the field or laboratory was very appealing.

TruScan GP is a portable Raman Spectrometer designed to qualitatively determine whether a drug is genuine or substandard. Its non-destructive analysis approach is perfect for inspection of already packaged drugs and the rapid anaylsis time does not have an effect on slowing down the production line – the perfect solution to Kenya’s problem!

In the national papers, two articles have already been published in regards to the excitement surrounding this product in Kenya. Fred Siyoi, the SCH Clerk said “The Handheld Raman Spectrometer is the first in the country and will go a long way in boosting the fight against poor quality drugs”. Clearly happy with the TruScan GP devices the PPB are now looking for this type of control.

Good luck and congratulations to Joseph Kimari and the rest of the HTDS team for their hard work on this project!

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