HTDS Launches the "REMOTE" service

25 January 2021 ─  /  Analytical Sciences  by Ahmed Farhat


Close to its customers in sub-Saharan Africa, our company was the first in more than a decade to deploy remote diagnostic solutions for its fleet of analytical instruments and life sciences.


This leadership has allowed us to face the covid-19 crisis with serenity, and the “Remote” solution has been deployed to all of our territories.


Rich in this success, and seeking to preserve its technological advance on the market, our After-Sales Service is pleased to announce the implementation of an augmented reality tool, through which our qualified staff will be able to guide you in the actions to be undertaken on your equipment at standstill. The video combined with detailed instructions on the screen will allow you to follow the instructions step by step without risk of errors.


Currently deployed on the inorganic range, this solution will be an integral part of our maintenance contracts and will cover our entire product range in 2021, thus offering our customers several advantages available on: link to updated contract brochure.

After Sales Brochure

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