Innovation: Waters presents the new High Performance Liquid Arc Chromatograph

13 July 2020 ─  /  Analytical Sciences  by Sarra Ben Yedder


HTDS introduces Waters’ new High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Arc to help laboratories achieve their quality and production goals.


Modern liquid chromatography systems replicate proven test methods while offering improved we present the Waters ™ Arc HPLC system from Waters Corporation, a new high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) dedicated to routine testing in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and academic markets.


The target application areas are quality control laboratories and in particular pharmaceutical laboratories carrying out batch release tests on small molecule products. In conjunction with this launch, Waters announces the availability of Waters ™ Empower ™ BC LAC / E ™ with SecureSync, its new data backup and recovery solution specifically designed for organizations with an interconnected laboratory environment.


The HPLC Arc system is designed for laboratories looking for a robust, reliable and modern HPLC system that can run established HPLC methods regardless of the brand of liquid chromatograph on which they were originally developed, while preserving the reproducibility of the chromatographic retention time of these methods. The system offers ultra-reliable analysis transfer, superb injection accuracy and back pressure tolerance at 9500 psi at 5.0 ml / min. It is designed to meet all the requirements of a high-end HPLC system in a competitively priced package that takes routine testing to the next level.


“We designed the Waters Arc HPLC system exclusively for quality control laboratories that understand how important reliable test results are to ensure an uninterrupted supply of safe and effective drugs,” said Robert Buco, PhD, Director, Separation Technology, Global Product Management, Waters Corporation. “Arc HPLC is designed for customers who are ready to upgrade existing instruments while preserving their specific QC methods. Waters makes it simple by providing a unique two-injection method transfer capability from any other brand of HPLC instruments to the Arc HPLC system.


“The majority of pharmaceutical quality control testing methods are based on liquid chromatography. If there’s one thing the Arc HPLC Water system does perfectly, it’s measuring the concentration of all types of active ingredients and all kinds of known impurities in a finished product. As a Waters customer for many years, we have standardized Waters instrumentation and Empower software for testing,” said Bo Chen, Instrument Manager, Luoxin Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Their instrumentation has proven reliable and robust and we know from experience that they believe in their products. The new Arc HPLC system appears to be ideally suited for end-product testing and we look forward to learning more.


“The Arc HPLC runs on the market-leading, Waters compatible Empower 3 chromatography data software, trusted by thousands of customers for whom data integrity is of paramount importance. Prepare for Complications in Today’s Labs with Waters Empower BC LAC / E with SecureSyncThe threats to business continuity, both natural and man-made, are unpredictable and are increasing in frequency and severity. It is critical for companies to plan ahead to prevent potential disruptions to global supply chains and invest in technology infrastructure to ensure business continuity.

Waters Empower BC LAC / E with SecureSync ™ is a complete solution that plays an important role in a company’s business continuity strategy. This dual-purpose system allows remote instrumentation to be connected and controlled by Empower Enterprise in addition to enabling secure local control if connectivity is cut off from the network.


SecureSync software streamlines laboratory preparation by continuously copying relevant information from the client’s Epower Enterprise to the local BC LAC/E system in a secure and compliant manner. Waters Empower BC LAC/E with SecureSync, in conjunction with a business continuity plan, provides a structured approach to respond to unexpected incidents and helps minimize the impact of disconnection. SecureSync software proactively prepares and synchronizes system-level information from remote corporate network databases to local core systems so organizations can resume operations as quickly as possible. The system enables local data acquisition and processing, allowing protected sites to operate independently of the main corporate network for more than four weeks in the event of a disaster or extended outage.


Source: Businesswire

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