The First Mobile Laboratory for HTDS

25 April 2019 ─  /  Analytical Sciences  by

HTDS along with its partners Environment SA and Aria Technologies installed a pollution analysis laboratory inside a vehicle for the company Sonatrach. Generating Billions of US dollars in revenue each year, Sonatrach is the largest Algerian company which has petroleum plants located all over the country. Combining Environment SA’s equipment costing €300K alone and Aria Technologies software; HTDS has been able to produce the ideal product specifically tailored to Sonatrach’s needs.

Within the mobile laboratory there are two types of equipments; one that measures the emissions released from the chimneys and the other monitoring pollutant concentrations in the ambident, atmospheric air. The measurements can be input into the Aria City software which also takes meteorlogical, topographical and geographical parameters and the final result is a modelisation of the dispersion of pollutant particles in the surrounding area.

The purpose of the mobile laboratory is primarily to monitor the atmospheric air in order to inform Sonatrach and local residents of the emission levels the plants are releasing. The measurements can also identify if there has been a dangerous leak within the plant and Sonatrach can take this information to develop new ways of minimizing the emissions of pollutant gases.

By chance on the day the product was delivered the President of Sonatrach was at the Research and Development center. Intrigued, he took the time for a guided tour by Christophe Rogemont. A good thing for our reputation!

Creating this mobile laboratory was no easy and quick job, it was so carefully designed to give Sonatrach all the characteristics they required and more. Congratulations to Christophe and the team of HTDS Algeria for the excellent work!

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