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January 8, 2015

The EnSight™ Multimode Plate Reader is the first benchtop system to offer well-imaging alongside label-free and labeled detection technologies. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in multimode detection and 10 years in cellular imaging, the EnSight system’s unique combination of industry-leading detection technologies enables you to take a truly orthogonal approach to your research and gain new insights from your assays that you could not achieve before.

 More Confidence in Your Results with Orthogonal Assays

With a unique combination of technologies to choose from, not only can you perform a wide range of assays on a single system but you can also confirm your findings using different technologies for greater confidence that your results are biologically relevant, not biased to a technology.  

- Choose from a range of technologies: Well-Imaging, Corning® Epic® Label-free Technology, Alpha Technology, LANCE®TR-FRET and DELFIA® TRF, Absorbance (filter- and monochromator-based), Fluorescence (top- and bottom-reading) and Ultra-Sensitive Luminescence

- Optical label-free technology provides richer and more physiologically relevant information about cellular signaling mechanisms and multiple signaling pathways, and is also designed for biochemical binding assays  

- Alpha Technology from the industry leader provides the best performance AlphaLISA® and AlphaScreen® detection, with results in half the time of ELISA 

- Time-resolved fluorescence delivers high sensitivity for biological and cellular assays 

- Upgrade options to keep up with your lab’s changing needs

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